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Is Buxom Cosmetics cruelty-free? YES! Buxom is cruelty-free and accredited with PETA. Buxom does not sell in China where it is required by law to test on animals, and their products are not tested on animals.

What they sell

Buxom sells makeup like lip gloss, lipstick, eyeshadow, highlighter and face products. In 2019, Buxom collaborated with @cohlsworld, @josecorella, @makeupbysamuel, and @zackaryvang in the Boy Babes Full-On Plumping Lip Polish Collection, sold at Sephora.

Is Buxom owned by a parent company?

Buxom is owned by Shiseido, a parent company known to conduct animal testing.

Buxom animal testing policy

The official Buxom animal testing policy states they do not test their products on animals.

Please feel at ease when using BUXOM Cosmetics products as we do not test on animals. We also do not work with any manufacturers that do animal testing. BUXOM Cosmetics natural haired brushes are made of Goat and Pony. Please note that no animals are harmed in the process of making our brushes. For our customers who chose not to use animal haired brushes we do offer a variety of high end synthetic brushes.”

Is Buxom sold in China?

Does Buxom sell in China? No, Buxom is not sold in China.

Is Buxom vegan?

No, not all Buxom products are 100% vegan meaning some of their products contain animal-derived ingredients or animal by-products.

Does Buxom test on animals?

No, Buxom do not test their products on animals, and they do not outsource animal testing to third parties or where required by law.

Is Buxom palm oil free?

Do Buxom products contain palm oil? Yes, Buxom products contain ingredients derived from palm oil which means this brand is NOT palm oil free.

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